Ep. 102: Paranormal Round Table with The Newmans

Phil Allen is joined by Dave and Sherry Newman and Jessica Allen. Topics covered include ghost equipment, The Wawa bag, and personal encounters with the paranormal. Be sure to check out The Fairless Hills Paranormal Group for more information.

Ep. 97: Halloween Franchise Review with Terrelle Brown

Phil Allen is joined by the great Terrelle Brown to discuss ALL the Halloween movies.

Ep. 84: THE THING (2011 & 1982) Movie Review

Phil Allen is joined by returning guest Matt to discuss John Carpenter’s 1982 “THE THING”, as well as the “THE THING” prequel from 2011. Derek Badichek and Terrelle Brown chime in with audio segments for a podcast chalk full of everything “THE THING”.

Ep. 77: "The Disaster Artist" Rapid Reaction with Marc

Phil Allen welcomes back returning guest Marc to discuss "The Disaster Artist" film. Based on Greg Sestero's non-fiction book, the movies shows behind the scenes events and we learn more about the alien humanoid known as Tommy Wiseau. 

Ep. 76: WWE Themes

Phil Allen likes the WWE. He likes the music in the WWE. Today, we explore the entrance themes and how critical they are to the wrestlers gimmick. Phil's bias opinion is in full swing with his selections and we are treated to segments from wrestling marks Derek Badichek, Rich "The Straight Shooter, and Pat Cullen.

Ep. 75: Child's Play Franchise Review with Terrelle Brown

A true classic podcast never goes out of style... So says the killer doll “Chucky” from the Child’s Play series. Terrelle Brown is brought in with Phil Allen to discuss the Child’s Play franchise for all of its success and failures. Is the series a classic? Tune in and find out!