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Ep. 102: Paranormal Round Table with The Newmans

Phil Allen is joined by Dave and Sherry Newman and Jessica Allen. Topics covered include ghost equipment, The Wawa bag, and personal encounters with the paranormal. Be sure to check out The Fairless Hills Paranormal Group for more information.

Ep. 96: Bizarre Deaths with Pauly V

Phil Allen is joined by longtime friend of the show Pauly V. We discuss and analyze the many bizarre real life deaths that our human companions have succumbed to. And be sure to check out Pauly V’s podcast “Off the Table”.

Ep. 89: Fateful Findings Review with Jamie

Phil Allen is introduced to one of the most bizarre films in recent history "Fateful Findings" by returning guest Jamie. There are highlights from the film itself with the guys reactions to the chaos on screen. They discuss shortcomings of the star Neil Breen and Phil shares his final collected thoughts about "Fateful Findings".