movie review

Ep. 97: Halloween Franchise Review with Terrelle Brown

Phil Allen is joined by the great Terrelle Brown to discuss ALL the Halloween movies.

Ep. 89: Fateful Findings Review with Jamie

Phil Allen is introduced to one of the most bizarre films in recent history "Fateful Findings" by returning guest Jamie. There are highlights from the film itself with the guys reactions to the chaos on screen. They discuss shortcomings of the star Neil Breen and Phil shares his final collected thoughts about "Fateful Findings".

Ep. 84: THE THING (2011 & 1982) Movie Review

Phil Allen is joined by returning guest Matt to discuss John Carpenter’s 1982 “THE THING”, as well as the “THE THING” prequel from 2011. Derek Badichek and Terrelle Brown chime in with audio segments for a podcast chalk full of everything “THE THING”.

Ep. 77: "The Disaster Artist" Rapid Reaction with Marc

Phil Allen welcomes back returning guest Marc to discuss "The Disaster Artist" film. Based on Greg Sestero's non-fiction book, the movies shows behind the scenes events and we learn more about the alien humanoid known as Tommy Wiseau. 

Ep. 75: Child's Play Franchise Review with Terrelle Brown

A true classic podcast never goes out of style... So says the killer doll “Chucky” from the Child’s Play series. Terrelle Brown is brought in with Phil Allen to discuss the Child’s Play franchise for all of its success and failures. Is the series a classic? Tune in and find out!

Ep. 72: Friday the 13th Retrospective with Terrelle Brown

Phil Allen brings in the big guns with guest Terrelle Brown to discuss the movie franchise "Friday the 13th." All twelve movies are explored including our favorite moments and the parts that make us shake our heads. We rank them best to worst and mention our favorite kills. Listen if you dare!

Ep. 67: UHF Review with Matt

Phil Allen is joined by first time guest Matt to discuss and watch the lovable cult classic comedy film U.H.F. People know "Weird Al" for his musical parodies, but many have forgotten his cinematic 1989 masterpiece. Join us and relive the brilliance of this movie!

Ep. 57: Pauly Shore Movie Challenge

Phil Allen reluctantly reviews four of Pauly Shore's most popular movies during the 1990s. Pauly Shore was a bit of an odd ball success with his off the wall antics and curious speech. Tune in and hear Phil progressively become defeated by the films.

Ep. 40: The Crow Twenty Something Years Too Late with S.M.A.S.H.

Phil Allen is unexpectedly joined by robot S.M.A.S.H. to review the 1994 gothic adventure fantasy film "The Crow." Brandon Lee's death, the soundtrack, and plot points are covered throughout the show as S.M.A.S.H. pretends to be Eric Draven. Buildings burn, people die, but real podcasts are forever.

Ep. 37: Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Phil Allen is joined by returning guest Marc to review the truly strange 1988 film "Killer Klowns From Outer Space". The guys discuss their favorite characters, the stupid script, the pointless scenes, and the just overall mess that is this movie.

Ep. 27: "The Cabin in the Woods" Not So Much Review

Phil Allen is joined by Marc for a review of the 2012 absurd film "The Cabin in the Woods". The guys attempt to discuss this intriguing horror flick, but are constantly distracted by TV themes, Will Smith, and many other things. Proceed at your own caution.  

Ep. 26: The Magnificent "Sharknado" with Rich and Karen

Phil Allen is joined by acclaimed cinema critic Richard Rogers and BYOB Karen. They review the SyFy favorite "Sharknado" and a debate quickly erupts as to whether this film is the golden standard of our era or pure trash. Did they bite off more than they can chew?