music review

Ep. 71: Phil's Musical Evolution Part 2

Phil Allen joins you for this very special tour of Phil's original music Part 2 starting in 2007. There are many different musical genres covered in this one. Some soft and soothing, others pumping and hard hitting. He talks about the creative concepts and remixes he's accomplished over the years.

Ep. 54: The Music of Mass Effect

Phil Allen travels into the super awesome universe of the video game series Mass Effect. Travel with him through the amazing music and experiences that make this trilogy incredibly memorable.

Ep. 25: The 25th Episode with Todd Wareham

Phil Allen is joined by musician, co-worker, and friend Todd Wareham. The two discuss various songs Todd has written over the years, how tracks are made, and the drug Krokodil... in addition they share a musical collab written by both Phil and Todd. Also Phil recalls the time Todd was hit ridiculously hard in the nuts during a basketball game.