Ep. 67: UHF Review with Matt

Phil Allen is joined by first time guest Matt to discuss and watch the lovable cult classic comedy film U.H.F. People know "Weird Al" for his musical parodies, but many have forgotten his cinematic 1989 masterpiece. Join us and relive the brilliance of this movie!

Ep. 62: Mount Everest

Phil Allen sends you on an expedition to learn about the worlds tallest mountain. Facts and figures regarding this treacherous mountain peak are explored and the intimidating route you must take to reach the summit. Phil also tells the stories of the many human lives the "Death Zone" has claimed. Amazingly, many of the bodies remain on the slopes of Everest forever.

Ep. 61: Lisa Nowak

Phil Allen launches this podcast about the ludicrous story of astronaut Lisa Nowak. In 2007, Lisa was arrested on very serious allegations of stalking, attempted kidnapping, and a possible murder charge. However, her case became a national punchline after it's revealed that she wore space diapers during a cross country road trip to attack her romantic rival.

Ep. 57: Pauly Shore Movie Challenge

Phil Allen reluctantly reviews four of Pauly Shore's most popular movies during the 1990s. Pauly Shore was a bit of an odd ball success with his off the wall antics and curious speech. Tune in and hear Phil progressively become defeated by the films.

Ep. 54: The Music of Mass Effect

Phil Allen travels into the super awesome universe of the video game series Mass Effect. Travel with him through the amazing music and experiences that make this trilogy incredibly memorable.

Ep. 52: Winging It Weather with Bill

Phil Allen is joined by first time guest Bill to discuss weather. Weather Man Bill geeks out about his favorite internet subscription weather source and his preferred season - winter. Both men highlight famous weather related disasters/storms/phenomena from around the world and in particular to the local east coast Tri-State area.

Ep. 50: 50th Episode with Derek, Jess, and Jess

Phil Allen celebrates the 50th episode of the podcast by having his favorite people on. Derek, Jess, and Jess join this episode to shower Phil with love and play a simplified version of "The Newlywed Game". Get to know these crazy people Phil loves and find out what S.M.A.S.H and Ivona's big announcement is.

Ep. 48: Centralia

Phil Allen dives deep into the tragic past, present, and future coal mining town of Centralia, Pennsylvania. During the podcast, you are treated to live pre-recorded on the scene reporting from Phil and Jess when they visited the real life ghost town in person. The following is a true story and a rather unbelievable event in American history.